The Wild Horses of Pine Nut Mountains in Nevada

My photography may be taking a different turn! During Covid, I’ve really struggled to find enjoyment in street photography, which seems a bit depressing with empty cities and masks. And, I haven’t been doing the kind of travel that I usually do for either work or pleasure that often leads to great photo opportunities.

A few years ago, I encounted a photographer named Kat Livengood — on a trip to Santa Fe and her wild horse photography was so beautiful and stirring. I didn’t really know anything about wild horses, and her work inspired me to start learning about their history and plight. (These national treasure American Mustangs are being brutally rounded up, families are being cruelly torn apart, and many are being sold for slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Our tax money pays for this).

I started researching where the wild horses live (many states including California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana…) and dreamed of photographing them….several years went by.

This past weekend, I finally realized my dream on a weekend in Nevada where I was able to photograph several of their bands of wild horses in Pine Nut/Fish Springs, Dayton, Stagecoach, and Little Washoe Lake.

The pictures above are all from the Pine Nut mountains of the Fish Springs Wild Horses. They have a wonderful advocacy group called the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates that you can learn more about here: It is worth going to their home page just to see their breathtakingly beautiful stallion Blue. I so wanted to see him, but did not on this trip.

These spectacular, spiritual creatures deserve to live free.

To learn more about them, and how to help if you’d like, American Wild Horse Campaign is a great place to start:

I took over 500 photos, so more pics to come.

All photos taken with Sony A7RII with a 400mm lens and lightly processed in Lightroom.

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