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Boost 2014 Performance with These Q2 Resolutions for B2B And B2C Marketers


Every January, there’s plenty of buzz about New Year’s resolutions. But the truth is, you can set new goals any time of the year, and I’ve even found that short-term quarterly resolutions can be much more effective than long-term annual ones. This is because you significantly increase your chances of success if you split big (read: intimidating) resolutions into smaller,

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Why Now Is The Time for CMOs To Build Digital Relationships


The life of a CMO can be unpredictable at times. Markets change, goals change, trends change, channels change . But no matter what, as the CMO, your core task remains the same: communicating the value of your company, both externally and internally. How do you keep from losing sight of that goal when everything is up in the air? Focus on your customers. It’s

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The Race to Affinity


I was in London a few weeks ago and attended Forrester’s EMEA Forum for Marketing Leaders. A thought-provoking event! One of the ideas which got people buzzing the most, was Nate Elliott’s ‘Database of Affinity’. I’ve been thinking about this idea alot in the last few weeks. What Is The Database Of Affinity? Affinity is the way that people express

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