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Evolve or Die: Are Marketing Campaigns Destined for Extinction?


Remember how business professionals used to be completely devoted to the BlackBerry – so much so that “Crackberry” was named Word-of-the-Year in 2006? Back then, we didn’t realize that most of the technology we were holding near-and-dear would quickly become passé. But now, we’re getting more accustomed to the rapid evolution of technology and processes. Looking around, I know that much of

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Why Now Is The Time for CMOs To Build Digital Relationships


The life of a CMO can be unpredictable at times. Markets change, goals change, trends change, channels change . But no matter what, as the CMO, your core task remains the same: communicating the value of your company, both externally and internally. How do you keep from losing sight of that goal when everything is up in the air? Focus on your customers. It’s

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