What Does It Take To Be An “Evolved” CMO?

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Marketers face plenty of pressure to keep up with the latest marketing strategies, tactics and channels. Something is always changing . . . and falling behind can leave your brand at a competitive disadvantage. For CMOs, the challenges are even more intense. In addition to adapting to the everyday needs of the changing marketing landscape, CMOs must also evolve as

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Content: Focus on Your Customers, Not Volume


Feed the beast. Tame the monster. Stop the roar. Why do marketers insist on characterizing their content consumers as unruly, insatiable animals? I suppose it’s because that’s exactly the way many have learned to think of it. For years now, marketing organizations have been trying to create messaging that can fill what may seem like an infinite void. Just keep

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Shaking Up the Status Quo: Lessons from a “Disciplined Dreamer”


Modern CMOs have become the Swiss Army knives of the C-suite, forging skill sets that combine strategy, tactical know-how, data-driven insights, on-the-spot analysis, creativity and perhaps a touch of fortune-telling. Nowadays, it’s not enough to fall back on what’s worked in the past or even to rely on what’s working right now. Rapid advances in technology and communications are changing

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