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Facebook Hearts Hashtags…Finally


For a long time after hashtags became the de rigeur way to link conversations on Twitter, their presence on Facebook proved to be impossibly irritating to social media junkies. Why would anyone use a hashtag in a place where it served no purpose? Shouldn’t all status updates be customized to the channel where they’re posted? But perhaps hashtag lovers had

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Manufacturing the “Moments” of Marketing


I was fascinated by a recent article in Forbes on ‘Manufacturing moments and marketing serendipity’. The “manufacturing of moments” — what does this term even mean to marketers, anyway? “Manufacturing moments,” the writer Judy Abel states, has been a term in the digital world for a while – meaning using technology to find out if friends are nearby, receive personalized

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New Marketing Demographics: Meet the Singleton

I’ve been spending alot of time in the UK with my new job, and in reading research this week from the Financial Times, I learned a new term: singleton. Apparently singletons are being coveted by marketers because they new represent a significant demographic in the UK. Now, who is the most famous fictional ‘singleton’ of all-time… Bridget Jones, of course. It seems

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