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@BrianSolis on The Future of Business, Generation C, and Napkins

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A few weeks ago, I sat down for a chat with Brian Solis (@briansolis) from the Altimeter group. We had a great time discussing a number of topics that are close to both our hearts, several from his smart and enlightening book, ‘What’s The Future of Business?’. You can watch the entire 30 minute video here.   If you haven’t read

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Are Marketing Channels Becoming Irrelevant?


As a marketer, I love saying out loud in public forums that I think marketing channels are becoming irrelevant. It makes some marketers very uncomfortable. With all the talk of Digital-Channel-this-and-that, how can we even suggest that this is the case? Because a true focus on Customer Experience dictates that it must be so. How do customers connect with your

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